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Wrote a book? Want to publish it electronically? Turn the page. Go digital.


Nine Commas provides advanced e-book design and formatting solutions.

We are a small team of avid readers and e-book enthusiasts. With us, your e-books are in capable hands. We possess the technical know-how to give you the e-book you want.

Each e-book is a form of communication with your readers. Your written word deserves to be presented in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. Our personal philosophy leans towards simple, yet effective designs. With our individual approach to every client, we ensure that your e-books are visually attractive and functional across all the e-reading devices and platforms.


the coder
Hi, folks! I code your books. Honest.
the artist
We change the body of a book, but keep the soul.
The Designer
Your bookshelf is a home treasure. Your e-book should see the world.


personalized e-book design

personalized e-book design

It's not the story that matters, it's how you tell it. Tell your story in the best possible way by having an exquisitely-produced e-book representing your style.

Clean and custom-made code ensures your e-book is designed according to the latest industry specifications, but most importantly - your own.

extensive advanced features

advanced special features

E-books must have their own identity, and not just be copies of their printed counterparts. With our expertise, you'll be able to make full use of the extensive special features the e-book technology offers: embedded fonts, customizable presentation, advanced navigational functions, and much more!

Experience your e-books to the fullest!

efficiency & reliability

efficiency & reliability

We're fast (and furious) when it comes to producing e-books. We're aware time is a valuable commodity, so you have our guarantee that we'll deliver the finished product as soon as possible.

During the whole process we stay in touch with you to ensure your e-book looks exactly the way you want it to!


print-on-demand formatting services

If you want to publish your book in print as well as electronically, we can help you!

In addition to our e-book design and conversion services, Nine Commas offers print-on-demand formatting for your manuscript. A properly-formatted manuscript is later submitted to self-publishing platforms like CreateSpace or Lulu. We'll arrange and convert your manuscript into an error-proof PDF file compliant with each platform's specifications. For more information, please refer to our Guides and Information section.

print-on-demand formatting services


We hand-craft your e-books from scratch. Your manuscript will be designed and formatted in a timely manner without compromising quality.

We're affordable. Plus, no payment upfront. You pay only once you are completely satisfied with our services.

We acknowledge the importance of design. Style often gets neglected, or overdone. We strive to find the sweet spot in between, pairing attractiveness with simplicity and functionality.

We uphold to high quality standards. Each and every book we make is tested across multiple platforms and devices before we deliver the final version to you.

We offer personal customer support and advising. Working with us makes you a part of our team. We'll be there to answer any questions, and address all qualms you may have during the process.

We love books (and e-books)! When we're not doing them, we're probably reading them. That's why we want nothing but the best for your e-book.



Pricing & payment information.
short story
less than 15,000 words
from 15,001 to 30,000 words
from 30,001 to 70,000 words
more than 70,000 words


The listed prices are approximate only. Each project is unique and of varying complexity. Query us first, and upon reviewing the scope of work required to design and format your e-book we'll get back to you by giving you an exact pricing. At this time, we accept payment via PayPal only. Payment is due only after we deliver our final product.

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Nine Commas exists to make great e-books happen. If you want our help in producing, designing and formatting your e-book, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Franz Kafka is awesome, too!"Many a book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self; an axe for the frozen sea within us."

- Franz Kafka

Oscar Wilde is awesome!"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it."

- Oscar Wilde